Meritas Partners

Dick is a founding partner of Meritas Partners, a consulting firm that provides advice and counsel to senior leaders.


Meritas’ experience spans all regions of the world and over 25 years advising Boards, CEOs and their teams. Meritas believes global leadership effectiveness is the key to success in the 21st century. Meritas’ clients drive business results by aligning strategy, organization and leadership.

Meritas’ client organizations know where they want to go. Meritas focuses on the behavioral side of bringing strategy to life. Meritas’ focus is “who” and “how,” as distinct from “what” or “where.”

Meritas starts by helping their clients clarify what they want to achieve, and then addresses the people challenges of getting there. They work with organizations, executive teams and individual leaders, usually in tandem.

Meritas supports clients in three major areas:

  • Strategy Implementation and Organizational Change
    Alignment of key players, communication to constituents and translation of the strategic blueprint into critical priorities for all concerned.
  • Senior Leadership Assessment and Development
    Molding a team of champions into a championship team.
  • High-Impact Executive Coaching
    To achieve the organization’s strategic intent and help leaders realize their full potential.

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