How to Lead an Effective Meeting (And Get the Results You Want) - Dick Massimilian

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How to Lead an Effective Meeting (and get the results you want)

Take Charge of Your Meetings

It seems these days that everyone hates meetings. But when you talk to people, it isn’t that they hate meetings; it’s that they don’t like meetings in which nothing gets done. No one is sure why the meeting was called, or why half the people are in the room, or what exactly is supposed to get done, or what was decided. We complain about meetings, but we seem to attend more and more of them.

How to Lead an Effective Meeting (and get the results you want) is for people who need to lead effective meetings, in any context. It is a blueprint for how to have your meetings work, defined as, meetings that achieve the results you want to achieve, in the meeting and afterward. It’s a how-to guide for using the time you spend planning, organizing and conducting meetings wisely. It’s about getting results through meetings.

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Why Are Effective Meetings Important?

Meeting quality matters. Well-run organizations have well-run meetings. Sloppily run organizations have sloppily run meetings. What are the signs of a bad meeting? The meeting starts late. There is no agenda. The meeting runs over. No one is sure what if anything was decided or accomplished. The same meeting to discuss the same topic seems to be held over and over again. No one knows what the next steps are or who is supposed to follow up whom for what. Nothing discourages people, whether volunteers or employees, like feeling they are wasting their time. Too many meetings waste time. They sap morale, and leave people frustrated or irritated. This is a shame, as leading an effective meeting is not rocket science once you have a blueprint.

Who is This Book for?

  • Individuals
    Perfect for professionals that frequently run meetings or recently started running meetings and are looking to improve their skills

  • Teams
    Improve the effectiveness of your team’s meetings by giving each team member the blueprint for an effective meeting

  • Leaders
    Leaders can utilize this book to tackle one of the most important aspects of leadership: speaking to their employees

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