How to Lead an Effective Meeting

(and get the results you want)

It seems these days that everyone hates meetings. How many times have you heard someone say, “We have too many meetings,” or “I am booked so solid every day in meetings I never have time to get anything done,” or “I’m back-to-back…” But when you talk to people, it isn’t that they hate meetings; it’s that they don’t like meetings in which nothing gets done. No one is sure why the meeting was called, or why half the people are in the room, or what exactly is supposed to happen, or what was decided. We complain about meetings, but we seem to attend more and more of them. This book is for people who need to lead effective meetings, in any context. It is a blueprint for how to have your meetings work, defined as, meetings that achieve the results you want to achieve, in the meeting and afterwards. It’s a how-to guide for using the time you spend planning, organizing and conducting meetings wisely. It’s about getting results through meetings.

Woman Conducting a Meeting

Seminars and Speeches

Dick speaks to small and large groups on how to apply the principles in his book to create high-velocity, outcomes-focused meetings. Contact Dick for details.

US Lacrosse LaxCon Convention (1 of 2)
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US Lacrosse LaxCon Convention (2 of 2)
› Watch this video on YouTube
Executive presence includes the ability to speak powerfully and persuasively. Leadership impact is inextricably linked with effective communication. Leaders must know how to articulate and convey their messages skillfully, often in public settings.
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