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Leadership Development

No organizational strategy is effective unless the organization has leaders in place–now and into the future–to achieve it. Dick helps organizations build the bench strength and management succession plans needed to win in the marketplace consistently. He works with senior teams to elevate individual and collective self-awareness so that those teams make better decisions together faster. He coaches individuals to step into their leadership roles confidently and audaciously and to be as effective as they aspire to be.

Leadership Development

Executive Coach

Dick starts with a formal Leadership Assessment. He works with people to elevate their self-awareness so that they leverage their strengths without overplaying them. His clients build and implement robust development plans to realize their aspirations and be as effective as they aspire to be.

Executive Coach

How to Lead an Effective Meeting

(and get the results you want)

How to Lead an Effective Meeting is for people who need to run successful meetings, in any context. Dick outlines how to structure meetings that achieve the desired results, during the meeting and afterwards. The book is a how-to guide for spending your time wisely planning, organizing and conducting meetings. It is about getting results through meetings.

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Dick speaks publicly to large and small organizations on topics such as:

  • How to Lead an Effective Meeting (and get the results you want)
  • Effective Selling Strategies
  • Building Better Teams
  • Listen More to Sell More

Speaking Engagements


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