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How to Lead an Effective Meeting (and get the results you want)

It seems these days that everyone hates meetings.

But talk to people and you’ll discover that it isn’t that they hate meetings; they don’t like meetings in which nothing gets done. No one is sure why the meeting was called, or why half the attendees were in the room, or what was decided. None of us want to waste time in meetings.

Dick shares his blueprint for productive meetings in his book, How to Lead an Effective Meeting (and get the results you want). He has also adapted the book into a lighthearted, enjoyable professional development speech that outlines effective meeting strategies. Watch a video summary of the book below.

how to lead an effective meeting

How to Lead an Effective Meeting: The Book

How to Lead an Effective Meeting is for people who need to run meetings in any context. Dick shares how to host meetings that achieve the desired results, during the meeting and afterwards. It’s a how-to guide for spending your time wisely at each step of the process: planning, organizing and conducting meetings. Learn how to end each meeting with clear results and next steps. Ready to take charge of your virtual meetings? Download the bonus chapter: “Seven Tips for How to Lead a Great Virtual Meeting”.

Watch: Dick Discusses His Book During Interview with Jack Canfield

In an interview with Jack Canfield, Dick Massimilian discusses his book, How to Lead an Effective Meeting (and get the results you want). Jack Canfield is the co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul™ series and a pioneer in the field of personal development and peak performance.

The Speech

Ready to see an effective meeting in action? Professional speaker Dick Massimilian has turned his book How to Lead an Effective Meeting into a speech that fits perfectly into corporate event agendas. Dick’s pragmatic speaking style is simultaneously entertaining and informative. The speech is easily adapted into a keynote, professional development or leadership speech and provides effective meeting strategies that are easy to remember and implement.

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