Executive Coaching

Dick Massimilian is executive coach to individuals around the world committed to exceptional performance.

Principles of Executive Coaching

Dick’s executive coaching practice operates from a set of core principles:

  1. Maintain a clear line of sight to the business results.
    It should always be clear how the coaching engagement connects to the goals of the individual, his or her team and his or her organization.
  1. Look holistically.
    An executive’s professional objectives exist within the context of his or her goals in life.
  1. A set of skills and abilities beyond academic prowess accounts for a leader’s success.
    These skills and abilities are known as Emotional Intelligence. Drawing on the work of Daniel Goleman and his colleagues, Dick focuses on building emotional intelligence.
  1. Physical presentation and mental state are linked and reflect each other.
    As co-founder and owner of a gym, Dick understands and appreciates the connection between peak physical and mental performance and their impact on executive effectiveness.
  1. Focus on strengths.
    Everyone has developmental frontiers, but the key to achieving great things is leveraging inherent strengths.
Client Testimonials
  • “With Dick’s coaching, mentoring, advice and guidance, I successfully made the transition from manager to leader.  Dick is an experienced professional with a personable style and affable approach.  While retained by my employer and working with me, there was never a feeling of mixed loyalties.  There was never any question in my mind…Dick worked for me, with me, in a trusting, open, honest and direct relationship, focusing only on maximizing my personal and professional potential.”

    Keith Smith Vice President Investment Services, Fiserv
  • “Dick has been a major influence in my career. His advice has been invaluable.  He has an unusual combination of expertise. His business acumen has given me added perspective on key business drivers and helped me to better focus on them.  He also has great instincts about people and organizations. Through working with Dick, I am better able to understand how to be successful in a large, complex organization.  As a result, I have increased my leadership impact.”

    Ivan Tornos President, Europe, Middle-East, and Africa Regions, EMEA Division, C.R. Bard Inc.
  • “I really valued the time that we spent together and wanted to let you know that your impact on my career will not be forgotten. I especially appreciate the safe place to speak my mind and your honest feedback and thoughts. Your ability to take my sometimes incoherent and not politically correct thoughts and turn them into golden nuggets was invaluable.”

    Nicole Torgrimson Director of Operations, Audit, Deloitte Calgary
  • “You coaching was invaluable to me and I want you to know what an impact you made.”

    Mignona Cote Senior Director Information Security, Aetna