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American Marketing Association Features Dick Massimilian in “How to Prepare and Run Efficient Meetings” Article

Dick Massimilian was recently quoted throughout an American Marketing Association article regarding how to lead efficient meetings.

The Importance of Meetings

Dallas management consultant and author Dick Massimilian gives insight as to why meetings are important, and how too many fail because they’re unproductive or veer off track. Massimilian advises professionals to only call a meeting when multiple employees need to align themselves around an upcoming decision, and the process would consume too much time or prove too distracting if conducted any other way.

Demonstrating Mastery

Massimilian recommends that moderators consider all personality types in attendance and engage with each accordingly. “As Isabel Myers [who helped develop the Myers-Briggs personality test] said, ‘If you don’t know what an extrovert is thinking, you’re not listening, and if you don’t know what an introvert is thinking, you haven’t asked,’” he says.

Massimilian suggests ending meetings unambiguously, then completing the necessary follow-up.. “You should say, ‘Meeting adjourned.’ Literally,” he says. “If you had action items, circulate them [via] email so that everybody’s clear about what was accomplished. … It gives you a reference point if you want to have a subsequent meeting.”

Learn More

For more insight on how to lead effective meetings and get the results you want, check out Massimilian’s book “How to Lead an Effective Meeting” or watch a video summary of the book here.

To read the full article on the American Marketing Association website, click here.

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