Dick Massimilian Episode Featured in #hottakeoftheday Best of 2020 List

#hottakeoftheday Podcast Selects Episode Featuring Dick Massimilian in “Best of 2020” List

David Ramsden-Wood’s #hottakeoftheday podcast recently released two “Best of 2020” recap compilation excerpts of this past year’s best shows. The “Best of 2020 Part II” lineup included episode 69, which features Dick Massimilian.

#hottakeoftheday Episode 69 with Dick Massimilian: Leadership Development

Dick Massimilian appeared as a guest on the #hottakeoftheday podcast in September of 2020. In the episode, Dick joined the podcast’s host David Ramsden-Wood to discuss building a team, how you assess fit, self-awareness, and what it is to be an executive coach. Watch the full episode below.

Dick Massimilian is a leadership architect, coaching individuals, teams and organizations across the world. To learn more about Dick’s experience, click here. To contact Dick, click here.

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